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Delightful Madison, Wisconsin

by Karen on January 12, 2012


Some of these fly over states are just wonderful.  Don’t kid yourself there is just as much sophistication in some of these cities equal to New York or San Francisco.   Madison, Wisconsin happens to be one.  Beautiful college town on Lake Mendota.  When I think of Wisconsin I never really thought it was near any water.  Wrong!!!  […]

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Milwaukee Cupcake Co

by Karen on January 5, 2012


In downtown Milwaukee they have redeveloped an area called the 3rd Ward.  It is gentrified and a lovely place to wander about.  They have an indoor fish market fashioned after the famous Seattle fish market.  You’ll find charming boutiques and fine restaurants.  Among the shops I discovered Milwaukee Cupcake Co. The regular cupcakes were only $2.50 and […]


Food trucks and Cupcakes Minneapolis

by Karen on December 28, 2011


Sometimes I think I could live out in the middle of nowhere enjoying a slower pace and then I come across a friendly big city like Minneapolis.  I get excited by all the various possibilities a large city has to offer. Here in Minneapolis cupcakes and bakeries are abundant, and they have an extraordinary supply of […]

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Sweets Bakeshop Minneapolis Minnesota

by Karen on December 10, 2011

Big city, small town feel.  Terrific neighborhoods with tree-lined streets.  A little extreme in the weather department but hey the cost of living is low.  You can’t have everything but they do however have wonderful bakeries.  Maybe this is why I feel a kindred spirit with Minneapolis. Pastry chef Ly Lo is a tremendously gifted […]

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Nichole’s Pastry Shop Fargo, North Dakota

by Karen on December 6, 2011


Such a shock to find this five-star patisserie in North Dakota.  Unfortunately for some of the places I have visited up to now, the bar is pretty high.  I have stopped at what seems like a thousand bakeries, I won’t write about all of them.  I’m not a sweets snob but  Nichole’s most definitely worth a mention. When you drive across North Dakota it’s […]


Bozeman Montana

by Karen on December 3, 2011


There is something so peaceful about this sleepy little country town,  absolutely breathtaking nestled at the foot of the Gallatin mountains.  Folks this is cowboy country, with farms and ranches lining the countryside.  The locals gathering downtown at the quaint eateries and shops tend to be friendly and moving at a slow pace.  Very little horn honking here.   Somewhat […]


L A Burdick the best chocolate shop ever

by Karen on November 29, 2011

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Since it is National Chocolate day today I decided to tell you about the best chocolate shop on earth.  On my recent excursion to the East coast I made a visit to these dreamy stores twice!  Once to the flagship store in Walpole, New Hampshire and then again in New York City.  I’ve also been to the Boston (Cambridge) location […]

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Bernice’s Bakery

by Karen on November 22, 2011


Bernice’s bakery located along the picturesque Clark Fork river Missoula Montana, take a bow.  Such an unlikely spot for a notably wonderful bakery at first glance,  in the middle of a big state in middle of the country.  All the locals line up on the weekends early in the morning for their hot fresh brewed coffee […]


Trophy Cupcakes Seattle

by Karen on November 12, 2011


It’s not surprising that Jennifer Shea from Trophy Cupcakes has been on the Martha Stewart Show.  Her shop is beautiful and her cupcakes are bona fide fantastic.  A little on the expensive side but she is in the high rent district of Seattle.   She has several stores and some that have birthday party rooms.  You can find festive […]

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Hello Cupcakes in Tacoma Washington

by Karen on November 6, 2011


It’s a cupcake bonanza here in Tacoma Washington.  Hello Cupcakes is one of those cupcake only shops but they have party favors and other festive goodies for entertaining. These days to stay afloat if you are only going to sell cupcakes they better be out of this world.   The bar is high and these rise […]

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