Nichole’s Pastry Shop Fargo, North Dakota

by Karen on December 6, 2011

Key Lime Pie

Such a shock to find this five-star patisserie in North Dakota.  Unfortunately for some of the places I have visited up to now, the bar is pretty high.  I have stopped at what seems like a thousand bakeries, I won’t write about all of them.  I’m not a sweets snob but  Nichole’s most definitely worth a mention.

When you drive across North Dakota it’s a bunch of this (end of summer)…………………………………………..

Don’t get me wrong it is gorgeous country, and it did spawn a series I’m going to call, Window Shots.  Essentially I would roll down the window in the car and snap photos without stopping.  Yes, that meant taking my eyes of the road and driving with one hand.  Perhaps not the safest smartest thing I’ve done, but I just wanted to get across this spacious part of the country by not coming to a stand still every ten seconds.  Frankly this trip has taken on a schedule all its own.

Please do not try that at home.

Oh that Key Lime pie was supremely glorious.  I’ve been noticing a little trend with my sweets selection.  I choose desserts I believe are hard to create or ones that I don’t make, like peanut butter anything.  Key Lime is one of those subtle flavors that is hard to work with, in the sense that it should have a pucker and a punch to it.  I didn’t see any lime zest in my slice so I was skeptical.  Not sure what they used but it worked mighty fine.  On this trip since I am trying to lose weight I have a one bite rule unless …… well you know it’s super good then I allow myself the whole thing, but only one of those per day.

Nichole’s has is all, lunch, pastries, cakes, breakfast, gelato, chocolate, and a charming ambience.  The shop was chocked full of patrons when I went, which is always a good sign.


Nichole’s Pastry Shop

13 8th Street South, Fargo, ND 58103-1804
Tel: (701) 232-6430

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